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Orthia Rose 24K Gold White Tone Up Cream
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Orthia Rose 24K Gold White Tone Up CreamVolume : 50ml

UV protection, whitening, wrinkle improvement triple functional cosmetics

  • It is a sunscreen that has a high UV protection index, has little white cast, is quickly absorbed into the skin, and is not sticky, so it is not burdensome even if you apply it multiple times.
  • Rose extract helps to calm the skin sensitive to UV rays, and gold helps to make the skin vital.
  • Contains Coreana's patented blue lotus extract to make the skin vital and healthy.
  • *Patented ingredient: Skin protection cosmetic composition containing blue lotus extract [10-0920899]
How To Use

At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly on the skin for absorption.